The Office of Public Affairs and Government Relations serves Duke University’s dynamic educational, intellectual and service missions by providing honest, timely and useful information to all its internal and external stakeholders and audiences, and by helping the university understand, anticipate and manage its environment.

We are committed to using our individual and collective experience, judgment and talent to provide the most effective and creative public and government relations counsel to the Duke University community.

We are in the business of education and information exchange, and are committed to the principle that communication must be more than an end product; it is a vitally important strategic function. We have a responsibility to help decision makers understand, appreciate and include honest communication in the development of institutional policy.

The Office of Public Affairs and Government Relations is comprised of the Office of the Vice President of Public Affairs and Government Relations and his staff, and the offices of Federal Relations, Government Relations, Durham and Regional Affairs, News and Communications, Office of Marketing and Strategic Communications, and Duke Photography.